Advanced interactive executive(AIX).I was wondered about this OS and had question which language was used for creating this OS and answer is C language.

AIX is IBM operating system which only run on POWER system.
it is one of the UNIX flavor. Todays market there are many UNIX operating system like Oracle-Solaris,HP-UNIX, so IBM-AIX is one of UNIX flavor which is customized by IBM to run on POWER(P7,P8) system.First release date of this OS was 1986.Currently latest version in market is AIX 7.2.
which has feature of live kernel update.

Also about administration its easy to do admin task as compare to other UNIX flavor.using command line and SMIT(System Management Interface) admin easily can do his day today activities.using SMIT admin saves time,because task which he can do using command same task he can perform using SMIT in little time.

why AIX is good operating system ??
4.Continually updating not only operating system but in terms of performance by introducing new
POWER processor.
On following type of model admin can do AIX deployment
  • BladeCenter JS12 Express
  • BladeCenter JS22 Express
  • BladeCenter JS23 Express
  • BladeCenter JS43 Express
  • Power 520 Express
  • Power 550 Express
  • Power 560 Express
  • Power 570
  • Power 575
  • Power 595

My First AIX setup which I seen was like below
configuration is like below

VIO :   Dual VIO is used for Virtualization .

DISK mapping method :  Virtual SCSI method .
Networking adapter : shared Ethernet adapter with fail-over approach.

In below mentioned figure POWER5 is managed by single HMC but what if that HMC crashed,then considering this situation  dual HMC setup also admin can design,this not only applicable for HMC ,it applies to AIX LPAR ,POWER BOX ,network devices like switch ,also power supply .These SETUP called as cluster setup (AIX HACMP),where down time means loss of money and business cant afford down time for single will see in my future post about how to design HACMP on POWER server.

In future AIX POST will share following topic.

  • LVM.
  • System Resource controller.
  • Networking in AIX.
  • Printer management in AIX.
  • NIM(Network installation Manager).
  • MKSYSB restore using NIM.
  • AIX New install using NIM.
  • NIM alternate disk migration(NIMADM).
  • Password recovery using NIM SPOT.
  • VIO(virtulization of Ethernet and Fibre adapter ).
  • Virtual Media Library on VIO.
  • Ether channel and Shared Ethernet adapter (SEA) .
  • NPIV

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