Tuesday, July 23, 2019

umount AIX nfs mount point by removing entry in /etc/filesystems

Sometime while umounting nfs mount point, AIX admin also need to remove entry in /etc/filesystems. Let see how we can do this using 2 different method.

1. Using rmnfsmnt command.
2. Using umount command and then remove entry manually from /etc/filesystems.

In first method we need to execute following command

Lets assume that nfs mount point name is "/nfs_aix", so command is like

#rmnfsmnt -f /nfs_aix -B

-f  specify mount point name
-B Remove /etc/filesystems entry for mentioned mount point.

Second method is like below

1. umount /nfs_aix
2. Take backup of /etc/filesystems
3. find nfs mount point entry /nfs_aix  in /etc/filesystems and remove that entry.
4.confirm whether entry removed from configuration file .

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