Tuesday, July 23, 2019

auto mount issue on AIX hacmp cluster

Hello everyone ,

Today i am discussing on issue which i faced while umounting nfs mount on AIX hacmp node .on aix hacmp node netapp filer was mounted and we received request to umount that nfs mount permanently.

We executed "#umount"  command to perform this ticket and updated to responsible team, but after some time found that mount point auto mounting. we thought that somebody has mounted and did umount again, but that mount point mounting again.

so we decided to check configuration file /etc/auto.direct on AIX cluster node and found that there is entry for that mount point.

/etc/auto.direct entry:

/share/data -bg,intr,soft,rw  nfsServername:/vol/xxxxx_cifs_nfs_vol017/share_data

After comment

#/share/data -bg,intr,soft,rw  nfsServername:/vol/xxxxx_cifs_nfs_vol017/share_data

To sort out auto mount issue we commented nfs mount entry in /etc/auto.direct and then umounted /share/data.

***always take backup of configuration file before editing.

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!

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