Wednesday, March 13, 2019

How to configure and change SMTP server on AIX

Hello everyone, todays I am going to share how AIX admin can modify existing SMTP server configuration.
When AIX admin do AIX LPAR migration from one DATA Center to other and after migration SMTP mail server will be different. So this different mail server need to be changed in   ""  file else mail alert for application will not generated or it will stuck. 

For AIX LPAR we did migration and after migration, we did post check and handover to development/application team, but after handover, they complaining that they not receiving mail alert on their team mail ID from migrated AIX after doing analysis we found that mail server configuration missed and that need to be corrected. After replacing Mail Server with correct name, everything worked fine and team receiving mail.

Steps, which we followed for SMPT server change
Step1 : vi /etc/ -> /etc/mail/   // in /etc you will find this file

Step 2: Find word “smart relay” in this configuration file like below    //old SMTP server

Replace old SMTP name with suitable new SMTP server which suits current environment after AIX LPAR migration    //new SMTP server

Step 3:
Stop sendmail service  and start it using following commands.
#stopsrc -s sendmail
# startsrc -s sendmail -a "-bd -q30m"

-bd   Start sendmail process at background as daemon.
-q30m   process mail queue every 30 minutes.



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  3. I have smtp server and communicates over port 25. is there way to define smtp port as well?