Thursday, November 22, 2018

Understand /etc/fstab last two field

Have you ever wondered what exactly last 2 field of /etc/fstab in Linux.
Lets see what they suggest.

Fstab syntax is like below

file-system                      mount point   type            options       dump  pass

/dev/vg00/lvsysmgmt  /sysmgmt             ext3       defaults              1     2
NFS-server-hostname:/share   /mnt         nfs         defaults,bg,intr 0 0

Here i am going to discuss what exactly last 2 field dump and pass tells operating system during boot.

dump - 0 and 1
pass - 0 , 1 and 2

dump backup  of Filesystem
0 - disable 
1- enable 

fsck on filesystem 0 -Disable fsck 
1- Enable fsck
2 - Perform fsck on other FS after / fsck done.simply order of FSCK , 1 for / and 2 for all other FS.

Dump - This tells OS to create dump backup of Linux file system.
Pass -  This Tell OS that do FSCK on this file system after " /" FSCK done. It defines FSCK order , generally / having priority over other File system and / having 1 value if you observe this in Linux /eetc/fstab configuration file.

If you observe fstab you will found that / having pass value 1 and other FS having 2 , So its order of doing fsck on filesystem while booting Linux operating system.

Then what about NFS file system which also occupying stanza in /etc/fstab ??

for NFS file system dump and pass value always 0 . 0 means disable fsck and dump during boot .

Why NFS having pass and dump value always 0 ??
1. NFS file system resides on remote server.

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