Thursday, November 1, 2018

0516-404 allocp: This system cannot fulfill the allocation request

How to resolve following error when AIX admin face error like below ??

root@aixnode1:/usr/sbin/cluster/sbin : ./cl_chfs -a size=+100G /oracle/log
cl_chfs: Error executing chfs  -a size="+209715200" /oracle/log on node aixnode1
Error detail:
    aixnode1: 0516-404 allocp: This system cannot fulfill the allocation request.
    aixnode1:        There are not enough free partitions or not enough physical volumes
    aixnode1:        to keep strictness and satisfy allocation requests.  The command
    aixnode1:        should be retried with different allocation characteristics.
    aixnode1: RETURN_CODE=1
    aixnode1: cdsh: cl_rsh: (RC=1) /usr/es/sbin/cluster/cspoc/cexec  chfs  -a size="+209715200" /oracle/log

This issue encountered when there was no free PP available on AIX cluster PV where LV reside .
In this situation filesystem /oracle/log   reside on LV oralv and this LV upper bound value is 4 . But when we checked on how many  physical volume this lv having mapping then we found that it points to 4 Physical volume and on that pv's there is no free PP available. solution for this situation is extend each physical volume by 50 GB and then increase file system using command ./cl_chfs -a size=+100G /oracle/log.  "Reason for increasing each disk by 50 GB is ,file system is mirrored and user asked to increase FS by 100 GB so we need twice of 100 GB which is 200 GB and in cluster setup we need to equally distribute this space among 4 disk, that's why we decided to extend each disk by 50 GB."

If you observe below output there is no free PP available on hdisk5,hdisk6,hdisk7 and hdisk8.
root@aixnode1:/usr/sbin/cluster/sbin : lsvg -p vg0
hdisk5            active            33783       0                    00..00..00..00..00
hdisk6            active            33783       0                    00..00..00..00..00
hdisk7            active            33783       0                    00..00..00..00..00
hdisk8            active            33783       0                    00..00..00..00..00

so here we need to provide Lun ID details and by how much size each disk need to be extended.

root@aixnode1:/root : ssod
DISK         SIZE              ID                                                             VG

hdisk5      4000 GB XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXA         vg0
hdisk6      4000 GB XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXB         vg0
hdisk7      4000 GB XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXC          vg0
hdisk8      4000 GB XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXD          vg0

In this environment LV is mirrored so we need to increase size of PV by considering following calculation.

By 100 GB extend FS /oracle/log.

100*1024*1024*2 = 209715200 (size in blocks)

(209715200/1024)/10240=200 GB

Here in VG0 total 4 disk so we need extend each disk by equal size .

If we increase each disk by 50 GB then total size 200GB will be added in VG .

After disk extend from storage side 

After space added from storage side execute command chvg -g vg0 to reflect changes at storage side and then execute command 

root@aixnode1:/root : ssod
DISK         SIZE              ID                                                             VG

hdisk5      4050 GB XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXA         vg0
hdisk6      4050 GB XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXB         vg0
hdisk7      4050 GB XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXC          vg0
hdisk8      4050 GB XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXD          vg0

./cl_chfs -a size=+100G /oracle/log.

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