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XL C/C++ compiler installation on AIX 5.3,6.1 and 7.1

XL C compiler
Hello everyone today i am going to discuss how to compile and run C and C ++ program on AIX .Generally  XL C/C++ compiler is used for compiling C and C++ program on AIX platform.

While doing administration of AIX operating system one day i got mail from application development team that they need to compile C program on AIX, is there any way that we can compile on AIX.

After this i started googling and found that there is XL C compiler for compiling and running C program on AIX operating system. Also found that there is some evaluation version also available on IBM portal which I can install for limited time(60 Day) and after evaluation time expire ,organization need to purchase new license version for XL C. I informed this update to my manager and he suggested that for now install evaluation version and also check with IBM agent for license version.

So from following link i downloaded XL C/C++ compiler evaluation version and copied on required AIX LPAR. If your organization afford to pay for license and need XL C/C++ for long term, they can go for license version. In our case we first installed evaluation version, because of urgent requirement.
Evaluation period for XL C C++ was 60 days.

You can download latest evaluation version from following IBM Link.

And for downloading licensed version u need to contact IBM and same licensed version admin can download from IBM "Entitled Software Support". For downloading licensed product from IBM 
Entitled Software Support your organization must have login ID provided by IBM.

Let’s see how to install evaluation version on AIX .

I had copied XL C C++ compiler evaluation version on /tmp/compiler directory.

**Before staring installation i want to highlight below mentioned important thing .
keep ready AIX OS base CD/DVD fileset,these fileset will help you when some pre-requisite failure occur during installation of XL C compiler. In our case we wasted lot of time for finding 
pre-requisite fileset  "xlsmp.rte".

Step 1.

Execute following command from AIX LPAR
smitty easy_install

Then chose .  current directory where i stored files required for installation.

Step 2:

Choose appropriate package according to AIX version, i was configuring XL C/C++ on AIX 5.3 so i selected "vacpp-evaluation-aix53".
 For 6.1 and 7.1 admin must choose "vacpp-evaluation-aix61-aix71".

Here during installation of this evaluation version one query came in mind was, how I going to upgrade or install licensed version after evaluation version will expired ??

Answer to this query is like , AIX admin first need to buy licensed version and copy that files on AIX LPAR and choose following option while installing using "smitty easy_install".

1.licensed version on AIX V5.3, choose
For installing licensed version on AIX V6.1 or V7.1, choose
Step 3 :
From same smitty easy_install menu in step 1 select like following
AUTOMATICALLY install requisite software? Option to
yes to install the compiler automatically

change the EXTEND file systems if space needed? option to yes to
extend file systems

You must change the ACCEPT new license agreements? option to yes to
accept new license agreements

Press enter and after successful installation check whether it successfully installed or not.

also my suggestion is take preview of install before installing these fileset, so that u will get idea that any requisite fileset is missing or not.  

Press ESC +0 to exit from Smitty menu.
After this installation i thought that it get installed and i informed application team that i installed required fileset on server. But when they tried to compile there C program using xlc command they getting error message that "command not found". So after checking read me document of IBM for XL C/C++ compiler found that i missed symlink creation for "xlc" command and i need to set environment variable for specific user on AIX. So i created following 2 symlink for xlc and xlc++.

1. xlc symlink to compile C program.

ln -s /usr/vacpp/bin/xlc /usr/bin/xlc  

2.xlc++ symlink to compile C++ programm.
ln -s /usr/vacpp/bin/xlc++ /usr/bin/xlc++
Also we can add following entry in /etc/environment file like below 
Add /usr/vac/bin/ and /usr/vacpp/bin/ to your PATH environment variable
To confirm whether soft link created or not you can confirm by following command
#which xlc
#which xlc++

From above output we can confirm that symlink successfully created and environment properly set for running C and C++ code on AIX.
So let’s Test some C and C++ program.

test.c  //sample c program
Create test.c on AIX LPAR and put following C code in test.c file.
int main(void)
printf("Test program!\n");
return 0;

Compile C program using xlc
#xlc test.c -o test

Run program by executing below command.
Test program!

test1.cpp   //sample C++ programm 
create test1.cpp and copy following code in test1.cpp file.

int main()
std::cout << "Test cpp programm!\n" << std::endl;
return 0;

Compile C++ program using xlc++
#xlc++ test1.cpp -o test1

Run program
Test cpp programm!

If  IBM XL C/C++ for AIX software evaluation license expired?

there is work around suggested by IBM like below


AIX admin can add following entry in .profile file of user for workaround.
Edit /etc/profile and add following entry.

Also we can use export of environment variable "XLC_EXTEND_EVAL=yes"  

# export  XLC_EXTEND_EVAL=yes

This will extend XL C/C++ to Total 74 days. Previous evaluation period was 60 days ,this workaround will 14 more days.
So you must be thinking that what will happened after evaluation version getting expired. Answer to this was, we purchased licensed for XL C compiler and we did install/upgrade of XL C compiler after evaluation time ended.
If during installation you face any difficulty you can refer Guide to install XL C .



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