Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Versioned WPAR on AIX 7.1

Hello everyone today i am going to share knowledge on how we can create versioned WPAR on AIX 7.1.
For creating versioned WPAR you need to pay some cost to IBM for versioned WPAR fileset .Version WPAR are supported on AIX 7.1 only.

So question is why we need version WPAR ??
Generally versioned WPAR is AIX 5.3 and AIX 5.2 instance running on AIX 7.1 .When client application or database having operating system version dependency then version WPAR come in picture.


Minimum OS requirement for creating versioned WPAR 
Global LPAR OS version :AIX 7.1 TL01 SP05 recommended .
Minimum AIX 7.1 TL01 SP04.
WPAR extention OS version :AIX 5.3 TL12 SP 05(minimum) and AIX 5.2 TL10 SP08(minimum).

Lets see step by step procedure how to create versioned WPAR on AIX 7.1 TL03 SP04.we going to create AIX 5.3 versioned WPAR on AIX 7.1
Hardware : IBM POWER8
Step 1:
First create fresh MKSYSB backup of  client LPAR OS (AIX 5.3 TL12 SP05).

Step 2: Create target AIX 7.1 TL03 SP04 LPAR and then install following licensed fileset on that GLOBAL LPAR.
licensed fileset for versioned WPAR.
vwpar.images.53    COMMITTED  Versioned WPAR 5.3 Support
vwpar.images.base  COMMITTED  Versioned WPAR Base Support
vwpar.sysmgt       COMMITTED  Versioned WPAR Management

bos.wpars         COMMITTED  AIX Workload Partition

copy required versioned wpar fileset(IBM Licensed fileset)  on /tmp/wpar_5.3 path,which you purchased from IBM for creating versioned WPAR.

Step 3:Then
#cd  /tmp/wpar_5.3
#inutoc .
use smit install to install all fileset in path for supporting versioned WPAR of AIX 5.3.

Step 4:
After versioned wpar fileset installation completed check installed fileset using command.
#lslpp -l |grep -i wpar

Step 5:
Copy AIX 5.3  MKSYSB using NFS share to GLOBAL LPAR in file system /mksysb_AIX_LPAR/image/ path.


Step 6:
Assign 70 GB SAN disk on Global AIX 7.1 LPAR for WPAR install.
cd to path /mksysb_AIX_LPAR/image

Execute mkwpar command with following flag

# mkwpar -D rootvg=yes devname=hdisk1 -n wparb -h wparb -N interface=en0 netmask= address=XX.XX.XX.XX -r -C -B lparb.mksysb –l

D  configure device from global LPAR to WPAR when system start
devname  device name to allocate to the versioned WPAR
rootvg=yes   use specified device as rootvg.
h   hostname
n   wpar name
N  interface name for IP configuration
r  Duplicate network configuration file from global LPAR
C Create versioned WPAR
B workload partition backup image (mksysb image)
l   Creates private and writable versions of the /usr and /opt file systems

Above command will take around 20-25 minutes
Once command completes it will show versioned wpar has been created successfully.
Step 7:Check versioned WPAR is active or not by following command

Following are the state of WPAR.
A  Active
D defined

Step 8:

#startwpar  wparb      
above command will start WPARB.for accessing wparb it must be in ACTIVE state.
Once wpar started login to WPAR using  command
#clogin  wparb
It will show AIX 5.3 versioned WPAR console

Thanks !!!

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