Friday, June 15, 2018

Useful AIX command alt_disk_copy

Useful AIX command alt_disk_copy command

This command clones existing OS copy to other disk of same size.
other application of this command is while cloning admin also do AIX TL upgrade.

some good example with explanation of alt_disk_copy

1.alt_disk_copy -d hdisk1 -b update_all -l /home/AIX72TL02

above command will clone existing OS to hdisk1 and after successful cloning update the OS on cloned disk .

after successful cloning and AIX TL update on new disk ,bootlist has been changed to new disk.

2.alt_rootvg_op -X old_rootvg

After successful booting from newly cloned disk  ,if admin wants to remove old_rootvg then above command is useful.

**here my suggestion is after cloning and AIX TL update keep old_rootvg for 3-4 week .if everything is working fine then admin can remove old_rootvg.

3.Clone AIX OS to hdisk1.
alt_disk_copy -d hdisk1 

some time situation arise where we need to include multiple disk in rootvg ,so in this sitiation how alt_disk_copy will work


 alt_disk_copy -d "hdisk5 hdisk6" -b update_all -l /AIX72TL02

so above command will clone AIX 7.2 on hidsk5 and hdisk6 and then update to AIX 7.2 TL 02.

# alt_disk_copy -d "hdisk4 hdisk5"   

clone rootvg on 2 hdisk4 and hdisk5

Below figure show illustration of alt_disk_copy in AIX



will continue writing new ideas on AIX alt_disk_copy

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