Thursday, June 28, 2018

Recover niminfo on AIX NIM MASTER

How to recover niminfo file on NIM master in AIX environment ??

What if anyone from your admin team by mistake remove /etc/niminfo on NIM MASTER .how will you recover that file ?what will be your approach on this ??

Lets see first , what is /etc/niminfo  on AIX NIM MASTER ??
 why it is so important ??
Answer to this query is ,it is NIM configuration file which contain nim configuration information and it’s is edited by only NIM MASTER contain information like NIM MASTER name,NIM MASTER port like 1058(nim) and 1059(nimreg).1059 register client on NIM MASTER and 1058 is used by process
“nimesis”,which is responsible for accepting connection from NIM client and respond to them. nimesis always run on NIM MASTER.

Also this file contain BOS image path on NIM MASTER, apart from this NIMclient route information and host IP address.

Here is the short answer for recovering niminfo using SMIT.

1.Using smitty AIX admin can recover file by following below steps.

1.     SMIT
2.     Perform NIM Administration Tasks
3.     Rebuild the niminfo File on the Master

2.Command line option is like below.

Rebuild nimnfo on MASTER server by using command
#nimconfig -r

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