Saturday, June 16, 2018

QUORUM in aix

what is quorom in aix ?

During my AIX learning day i always wondered about what is quorom and how it affect volume group on AIX ? But after doing google i found answer like below.

Here is the answer :

Number of disk must be present in volume group to successfully vary on volume group in AIX.

"51% is mandatory vgda."

for example, XYZ volume group having 6 disk so mandatory disk for 51% VGDA is 4.

if disk in volume group is 10 then mandatory disk for 51% VGDA is 6.

Its simple

51% VGDA=Number of disk in Volume group/2 +1

so what happen if that mandatory percentage (51%) not available ?

rootvg quorom always kept disabled.

QUORUM:         1 (Disabled)

Reason behind this is when AIX OS boot and at the time of boot if rootvg having 2 disk and 1 disk from rootvg crashed then OS will never came up,because it not satisfies 51% VGDA its always good idea to keep mirrored rootvg quorom disabled.

will update new idea and thought on AIX

Thanks !!

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