Saturday, June 16, 2018

How to shrink AIX file system


df -gt /oracle
Filesystem    GB blocks      Used      Free %Used   Mounted on

/dev/oralv       100.00      49         50   50%    /oracle
/dev/oraloglv    100.00      49         50   50% /  /oralog

shrink /oracle file system by 20 GB and add that space to /oralog filesysetm


**make sure that both filesystem are in same volume group,if not then we unable to allocate space
which we shrink from /oracle File system.

then use following command to shrink /oracle

#chfs -a size=-20G /oracle

above command will take some time ....

Then check again size of File system it must be resized to 80 GB.

Then next step is add that 20 GB which we taken from /oracle to /oralog.

command to extend size of /oralog

#chfs -a size=+20G /oralog

new size of /oralog will be 120GB .

AIX JFS -online increase possible ,but decrease not supported.
AIX JFS2-online decrease and increase supported.

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