Saturday, June 16, 2018

Create filesystem in AIX using INLINE and JFS2 log

How To create filesystem in AIX using INLINE and JFS2 log

Method 1: INLINE Log

Identify Volume group on which we going to create Logical volume "testlv".
Make sure that volume group having enough physical partition free to create logical volume(LV).

Here Volume group is datavg


mklv -y testlv -t jfs2 datavg

crfs -v jfs2 -d testlv -m /test -a logname=INLINE -A yes

mount /test

Method 2:
Using JFS2 log

mklv -y testlv1 -t jfs2 datavg

mklv -y testloglv -t jfs2log -a e -r n datavg 1

mount /test1

Difference between JFS2 log and INLINE
  • JFS2 log support many Filesystems.
  • every Filesystem have 1 INLINE log
  • if we have several busy Filesystem and we having JFS2log which support these FS,then there is chances of performance bottleneck, to avoid this INLINE log is good option where every filesystem can have 1 inline.

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