Thursday, April 5, 2018

AIX connection timeout error

AIX connection timeout error on certain port have following  possibilities

1. service on the target  AIX host isn't running and therefore nothing is listening on the port.
2. firewall running somewhere in route is blocking connections to the port on AIX host .
3.check whether port is listening on AIX host.

command to check port status on AIX server

aixhost# netstat -Aan |grep port number


netstat -Aan |grep 22

what i do if i get connection timeout error on AIX host.

First thing i will do is check whether require service is running on AIX host,if that service is not running then check /etc/services file for required port and check that if that port is commented .
If that port is commented then remove comment from file and restart service and check again connection is succeeding or not.

on AIX host execute following command to check if port is open for connection.

#telnet [server-name] port-number

another issue may from firewall ,may be firewall blocking communication between AIX server and target client,so there must be new firewall rule need to enable this communication.check with network guy for firewall .

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